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T-Max Dialer & Communications - www.tmaxdialer.com
335 N Washington St., 260A
Hutchinson, KS  67501
Phone: 620-607-0249
Fax: 866-636-2251
Contact: Matt Seibel, Sales
E-mail: Info@tmaxdialer.com
Web Site: http://tmaxdialer.com
One Week Free Trial

Maximize your company’s time, contacts, leads and resources with the T-Max Predictive and Voice Broadcast Dialer. It is easy to get started, effortlessly upload your contacts and just like that the T-max Predictive Dialer will connect your representative with live contacts or will leave mass messages with the Voice Broadcast.

Agent Monitoring/Agent Coaching/Agent Ease Dropping
Live Transfer/3-Way Calling
Adjustable Caller ID Phone Number/Company Name
Inbound/Outbound Blend
Agent Payment/Settlement Calculators

With our Dialer your collectors can...

Transfer Calls

3-Way Calls

Instant pop up 15 Fields of information for immediate knowledge of who you are talking to e.g. name, debt, balance, state, credit score, or any other information you have on file.

Send an E-Mail from your customizable template

Send a FAX from your customizable template

Play a automatic message for voice mails

scheduale call back time and date

Use the Settlement and payment calculator

Use the link for Routing Number Look up

make a Manual Call

Login using Magic Jack, Skype, Ring Central, Google Talk, astrisks PBX, Xlite soft phone and many other methods.

Record all Conversations on demand including When taking a payment.

With our Dialer your Managers can...

Monitor LIVE who and how long some one is talking, waiting, Idle in REAL TIME.

Listen in LIVE on collectors calls for training and QA.

Coach collectors with a whisper only the collector can here and not the debtor

Take over calls, or do a 3 way call if you are monitoring and wish to help close the call.

Record collectors calls for training and QA.

Print daily reports for collectors Statistics.

build multiple campaigns

Customizable Caller ID and Number.

bypass voice mails

Create Custom dispositions
One click Premade V-Mail messages (Custom for each Agent)
Custom Agent Scripts
Custom Dispositions
Custom Data Fields
Call Recording
Dial in/sip phone/asterisks pbx/Google talk compatible
Real Time Admin dial rate control
Agent and Dialer reports
Dialing Campaign Strategies Consultations

Eliminate wasted time with automated call attendants, receptionists, voicemails and gatekeepers. Instead keepcollecting while your productivity increases 300% to 500%. Avoid burnout and wasted time by automating the mundane processes of dialing, busy signals, no answers and wrong numbers. Let T-max do your dialing for you and keep the call records and reports on every call made.

Please Start A Free 5 agent Trial Now http://start.tmaxdialer.com

Visit our website for videos of our products and pricing. Get started today with one of our trial offers listed on the website so you can immediately see the savings available to you. Please visit www.tmaxdialer.com to see our videos/tutorails and low rates.

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